Laura Robertson
Artist / Photographer

Laura Robertson is Situated York, UK. With a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art & Contemporary Practices from York St John University graduated November 2016. Working with photography for over 10 years – with an advanced knowledge in both Darkroom & Digital Photography. 

“I have always been highly influenced by my family, being raised in my childhood home I was lucky enough to have darkroom accessibility in a bespoke shed belonging to my Father. Who himself at the time was a professional photographer, my family have always encouraged and engaged me in photography practices, and supported me in any subject I found interesting.” 

“My work explores the unique relationship between texture and movement, capturing and developing this captivating aesthetic bond has driven my work.”


The work explores the relationship between texture and movement. Using a body of photographic processes exploring methods of Art and Science. Each piece of work is developed in the darkroom exploiting the photography equipment to create a set of unique prints all inspired by mark making.
The work is highly influenced by Jackson Pollock’s intuition of using movement of the body to bring a painting to life. Similarly to my prints I use motion of the body to edit and modify the developed subject to create texture and visual movement within each print.

The art is presented through a collection of  prints created through darkroom processes each developed subject is combined and explored through a variety of mediums including; Victorian encaustic methods, microscopic techniques, live sculpture, and collage. Movement is key within the practice developing the beauty of texture increasing the depth created.

“Ever since I was a post graduate producing these wonderful unique works of art I realised that this body of work provokes the thoughts and imagination of the viewer. It’s sits on the very boarder of both surreal and realist. It creates a moment of questioning the imagination and what visually we can decipher.”